Wednesday, February 22, 2012

R.I.P. Hubert

Yes, you read correctly, our Hubert is gone. We sold/junked him. I teared up. That's very sad to admit, but goodness he has a lot of memories attached to him! I was so sad to see him go.
And honestly I'm not even a car person. I really do not care what kind of car I drive, what it looks like, etc... I just like a car that takes me on little adventures. And Hubert did that.

So in weirdo blogger style I gave him one last little photo shoot, and a memorial of some of the previous blogs posts about him (I edited the list down believe it or not). Yes, he was part of our lives. No pets or kids for us, we dote upon an old hooptie.

Trip across the country
Date on top of the car
Car stats
A plug for roadside assistance insurance
Life's little car hassles
A car this great
He's holding on, we're grateful

In a few days I'll introduce the new little love you'll be hearing way too much about. I know it's soon, but you kind of have to be with cars. I think Hubert would approve. (I'm not crazy guys.)

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