Monday, September 13, 2010

Boston or Bust! :)

It begins.... :) We packed everything we could into our little honda and set off from Utah.

What the....I think we were in WY.

Giant Buffalo :)

After we stopped the night in Colorado at my mum's cousin's house we realized that we were out of gas big time. The problem was that this cousin's gorgeous house was in the middle of nowhere eek! We were so worried as we set off that morning. I seriously thought we might be putting our roadside assistance insurance to good use but then finally we came upon...
A gas station! Saved by the Frontier! ;)

Oh.My.Goodness. You will have to ask Job about this one for details. Basically a crazy little place in the middle of Kansas. Filled with wonders I might add.

Um....we like limes :D haha

Fixing our car with moleskin and a bandaid. Hey what do you expect from a nurse and a musician? ;) The funny thing is that it is still there weeks later!

We stopped in St. Louis to see a few sites and my Aunt recommended this cathedral. It has the largest collection of mosaics in....somewhere. The U.S. at least. It was beautiful and the whole thing was just covered in gorgeous mosaics. Definitely worth a stop.

We also stayed for part of the noon mass which was cool. Job knows more about Catholicism so he explained a lot of it to me.

The arch! I had been before but Job hadn't so we stopped by. It is such a cool piece of architecture. We were also able to visit the museum underneath it which I hadn't been too. Plus it was the architect Eero Saarinen's 100th birthday so we got free cake! haha can't beat that ;)

This was a cute little town we stopped in for a night. Apparently it is a little tourist town because of the resort, the springs, and the cute covered bridges.

We are getting there!!! The moment I saw Mass I was sooo excited! It had been a loonngg trip :) I have just showed a teeny portion :) And I have to add that my sweet husband drove the whole way. What a stud. Of course I offered to drive but he just always said he was fine and kept going. Awww shucks! He knows I don't like to drive in crazy traffic (i.e. like when we passed through NYC) so he took on the whole 2600 miles. That is love. :)

And we are here folks!! The beautiful city of Boston welcomes us :)


  1. What a trip! Thanks for sharing pics with us!

  2. I love your adventures! I love that you share a wonderful peek into your wonderful marriage with us! And I love that you take us along on your life! THanks!!!!