Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day in Vermont

Job and I took a glorious day trip to Vermont last week while he was on Spring Break. We were both still busy that week, but we luckily both had Wednesday off to spend some time together. I really needed this little trip. It was refreshing and great to get out!
Let me take you on our little journey....

6:30am-All packed up and ready to go. As usual, I packed about 3 weeks of food for 1 day. At least we are never hungry on our trips.

7:30am-On the road! I like to travel in complete comfort, which of course includes mis-matched socks and sipping hot chocolate from my thermos.

9:00am-A stop for breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire. We hit up the Red Arrow diner, which has been voted one of the 10 best diners in America. It was this cute tiny little place. Despite them forgetting to put my hollandaise sauce on the side of my corned beef hash eggs Benedict (how's that for a 1st world problem huh! ;), we were happy with our meal. Old fashioned diner food is always good on a road trip. Bellies full, we hit the road again

11:00am-Toured the Joseph Smith Birthplace in Sharon Vermont. We have been wanting to go for a while now (it's on our BBL after all :) and we really enjoyed our visit. It was a peaceful place, and we enjoyed the spirit that we felt there.

1:00pm-Time for a hike. Quechee gorge was our choice. It is off season so it involved us getting a little creative and sneaking around the fence finding alternative entrance. It was an overcast day so we didn't do the full hike. {I appreciate my city boy husband agreeing to go on the hike at all :) He knows how much I love this kind of thing. Thanks bun!} We mostly hiked around a little so I could have an excuse to eat the homemade granola bars I made. Look at me being a crunchy granola girl. Literally.

Around 2:00pm it was about time to eat 25 different kinds of Vermont cheese. So we stopped in at the Quechee gorge village to hit up their free cheese tasting buffet. Well yes, that does sound a bit like heaven. I love cheese cold, and this was not so cold, but it was oodles of goodness nevertheless. We also picked up some maple mustard dipping sauce, and a bottle of maple syrup. We obviously like eatable souvenirs.

3:00 (ok now I am just making up these times. I have no idea). We tossed around the idea of going home vs. driving an extra hour out of the way to visit the Ben and Jerry's factory. Guess which one won.
We took a tour, visited the ice cream flavor graveyard, discovered Chunky Monkey is our new favorite, and convinced ourselves we were doing a good deed by supporting a very eco and socially responsible company. {you too can be a do gooder! Just head to your local grocery store, pick up a pint of Chunky Monkey, indulge....}

5:00pm After that we started our journey home. Which involved much singing, a delish picnic-in-the-car dinner, and oohing at every frozen waterfall along the roadside (they're BLUE!)

Vermont, we really liked you.
Thanks for giving us a little breather from regular life.
The Salazars


  1. This looks like such a fun trip! I'm with you on the road trip snacks. In my family the snacks were kind of the whole point of going on a road trip in the first place!

  2. That looks so fun! I am so jealous that you live somewhere that can have such cool day-trips. There are a few fun places that you can go in Utah in a day, but most of them are kind of just places to hike and stuff. There was so much to do in Vermont!

  3. I just think you guys are so cute together and you have so much fun! I want to come visit eventually so hopefully you stay in Boston for a while!