Monday, March 26, 2012

My therapy

I finished work today feeling stressed, under appreciated, cold, hungry, and all around grumpy. I was ready to lay it all out to Job in one big vent sesh once I got home.
But then I walked in to a clean home (courtesy of the man), a crock-pot meal I had been inspired to make the night before, and Job completely knocked out cold on the couch under a blanket, looking just as cute as can be.
Suddenly I had 3 things I really love all around me. My Jobito, a clean home, and good food.
So I forgot about all that other stuff and crawled under that blanket with Job and we napped there, awkwardly cramped on our teeny tiny love seat we call a couch. It was wonderful.

Life is nice like that sometimes.
A whole lot of the time.

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