Monday, April 2, 2012

This guy does NOT have just "ONE LOOK"

I have recently convinced Job not to cut his hair and to let it grow out for a while. Perhaps this is for my own amusement? ;)
Just kidding. I actually think it's smokin' hot when it is all fixed and tamed. Smokin' I say. He's got this gorgeous black hair with little streaks of gray (Smokin'!!), it is super thick and lush, and has awesome curl to it. It's just great hair.

But I will not lie, the long hair also provides me amusement.

1. This is just him looking smokin' for comparison. This particular picture does not do his awesome hair quite enough justice, but you get the idea.
2. The Biebs
3. Adventures in straightening
4. "Why do I let you do this stuff to me?"
5. Oodles of curls
6. I don't even know. I just keep thinking Willie Wonka for some reason.
7. It's like petting a bear when it is straightened (I've lived in AK, I have pet a bear ok!)
8. Mexican Beethoven

Job is actually a great sport through my silliness :) It's great to have a best friend you can be goofy with.
And we definitely have a fair share of goofiness going on in the Salazar home.

Stay tuned for an embarrassing little "Rachael moment" in video form. I feel it's only right to share after this post of Job.


  1. That is epic! Also he does look really good with it long. I like it!

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  3. Mexican Beethoven killed me. hahahaha. What a great name for the mane.