Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mum does Boston-May 2012

After my Utah trip mum Young came back with me to Boston to visit and attend Job's graduation. It was so fun to have her here, we enjoyed every minute!
It also meant a lot to have a family member able to be there for the graduation, so thank you mum for making the sacrifice :)

We were able to do some fun things when she was here. Liiiikeeee:

Dinner at Woody's and then Boston Pops with my friend Kim. It was Gershwin night, which was just amazing. 

Job and mum also went another night while I was working. We just love going to the Pops! I hope our guests don't mind ;)

Another fun thing we did was go on a North End cannoli tasting tour. We picked the three most popular bakeries and tried cannoli at each one. It was a sweet and fun trip! And guess who won? (in our humble opinions ;) Good old Mikes! We got a big box for mum to take home right before she left. 

More to come on mum's trip!

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