Friday, July 27, 2012

Utah Trip-April 2012

Commence catch up :)

Our journey begins way back in April.....

I was able to take a delightful trip back West to see my family! It was an exciting time because there were a ton of graduations, a wedding, birthdays, etc... So lots of family came from all over. The main events that I came for were Kristin's, Becca's and Mum's college graduations. Woohoo, I am so proud of them!

Other things I enjoyed included:
-Yoga with mum
-Real Salt Lake game with my brother Parr
-Seeing a great community play with sis Kristin
-Playing with my niece and nephew
-Watching movies with my little sisters Melia and Eliza
-Goofing off in the back yard with above sisters (tried the spinning around, looking at the moon, and flashlight trick haha)
-Listening to Melia sing with her HS choir group
-Shopping with sis Becca
-Playing games and going to family parties with cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone.
-Making curtains and altering dress with mum
-Visit with some of my best teenage-hood friends, Tash, Joanna, and Tori
-Trip to Rexburg to show Mel around the campus and see Maren
-ETC! The fun just never stopped :) It was so refreshing to disconnect from my phone and the Internet.

As always, I regret not taking many pictures (and for losing my camera cord, so I can't get any of the few I took). I was seriously just so busy having fun, and hardly thought of it. I definitely regret not having a million pictures with my niece and nephew, who are without doubt the cutest kids. Oh well, my mummy was kind enough to share hers with me.

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  1. Where did we shop? I don't remember that...but I am so glad you were able to make it out this way!! You should come back again when there aren't so many !ACTIVITIES! going on, gives us more time to do other fun things! I hope to be able to come out again in a fall. Someday.