Monday, September 10, 2012

Hand woes

This is probably boring for everyone else but I decided I should write down our little ER trip in a bit more detail so I could remember later. I want to because Job was so awesome through it :)

The scene: Me frantically chopping paring brussel sprouts for a new recipe that I was going to take over to a friend who just had a baby. My safe knife skills were lacking at that moment and the knife slipped and sliced my hand nice and deep. It was a quick moment but as soon as it happened, and even before I looked at it, that it would be an ER trip. Boo. I knew it would be a hitch in our evening ;)

 Job was so quick, got me a rag to stop the bleeding and asked me when my last tetanus shot was. (!!) Who is this guy?! That is exactly the right question to ask and one of the first things they asked when I got to the ER. Job knows his stuff. That's hot.

After rinsing the cut and looking at the fatty cells poking out (kind of cool), we decided to head out. I was not dressed in "going out" clothes so Job grabbed me some pants (what? You go around the house pants-less too, admit it.) and then some different ones when I decided the ones he picked out didn't match. ("Rachael!! We are going to the ER! They don't care if you MATCH!")

What happened next was super weird. I am not squeamish about blood or injuries, I am a nurse for goodness sake. But my body suddenly decided it was not having any of this stuff. There was this loud rushing in my ears and I couldn't hear Job at all anymore. I got super dizzy and had to lie down for a minute. When I thought I could get up we headed out the door and then I just crumpled down and fainted in the entry way. Yeah, weird. And poor Job. I came to pretty quickly and made it to the car, and Job had to talk to me the whole time to make sure I was still there. Seriously, it was so weird how my body reacted. It is not like I chopped off my arm! It was just a little cut and yet my body went into a mini shock state. Crazy.

Anyways, once we got into the ER all went well. I was feeling much better and enjoyed chatting with my Dr. about cooking and food, and watching her stitch me up. Job had to wait for me but I was out in an hour, all stitched up (4 stitches) and ready to finish our evening! We went ahead with our plans and had a great night.

I am so grateful for a husband who takes care of me, convenient health care close by, and a nursing education so I can do my own wound checks and take out my own stitches in 7-10 days ;)

Moral of the story: Don't chop veggies in the air.

Update: that dern wound was not healing well at all after 10 days, it looked nasty. But once I got the stitches out (our bishop and his wife helped, they go the extra mile ;) and babied it for a few days it looks great now. Phew! Work is much easier now that I can fully use my hand again.

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  1. This was not a boring story at all! I love how you tell stories! It's very witty. :)