Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A recital for the ages

Job had his first G.P.D. recital on Thursday and let's cut to the chase here....the guy can play. Like, really play.

I gained a new appreciation for what he does and I got a little emotional with pride as he whipped out his last piece like a maestro.

Thanks to friends and classmates who came to support, it was great to have you there. It always means a lot to have people come and appreciate the art Job works so hard to present.

 Bravo and brava! 

Side note for remembrance sake: The performance went well but it was kind of against odds at first. There was supposed to be a crew there that night to set up the hall and run the recital (open doors, present Job, run the lights, tell people to turn off their cellphones etc...) but they just didn't show up. Very unprofessional, and a bit stressful when we arrived and everything was in disarray. We had to quickly try to set everything up instead of Job being able to warm up and relax. That and some missing music in the middle of the recital (but quickly found :) made for an interesting night behind the scenes. But I think once Job and Nomin started playing, all that was forgotten.

Plus a few bites of Woody's chicken wings afterwards and we could all breath a sigh of relief ;) They always help.

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  1. You need to record and post Job playing. I so wish I was around to come and enjoy. Congrats on a lovely performance in spite of the last minute crazies!