Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy, you came and you took without giving, Oh Sandy!

I just drove home from work in a Nor'easter. Boy am I glad to be safe at home now. It was pretty scary to drive in, the wind was whipping the car around and I could barely see with the rain. It was interesting that the few cars on the road were still speeding past me. Seriously!? There are gale force winds and super limited visibility. Silly drivers :)

I headed to work this morning since the storm wasn't bad, but got sent home early as the wind and rain picked up. I am so glad I did because it was quite the adrenaline rush driving home as it was. And it is supposed to be getting worse.

Job's school was canceled so he has been hunkered down at home waiting for me. Now we are ready to cuddle up and stay home for the rest of the night. We feel prepared and are not too worried about it, but our thoughts are prayers are going to the areas that have already been so badly affected.

Those in the path of the storm stay safe and dry!
Stove top popped corn and a fitting movie. We are ready to chill.

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