Saturday, October 27, 2012

A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Tired of politics yet? I have to admit, at times I am. Lately I have been thinking back on the difference between this election year and the one 4 years ago when I was 18. Big difference. 4 years ago I hardly knew who our current president was. And as for intelligently voting for a new one? Forget about it. It was more like,

"hey dad and mom, who are you voting for? Candidate B? Oh ok cool".

Not that I don't trust their judgment impeccably :), but I now I am a big proponent of each voter being informed. Let's not be careless rifle users. I have heard such silly things about both candidates from people who are ignorant on the topics at hand and have not done any sort of research into what the views and issues are.

Now, I certainly do not tout myself as uber informed and up on every topic, but I am much more aware of what's going on this time around. Endless hours of NPR, news articles, debates, SNL skits (just kidding...sorta) etc... have made me feel like I can make a decision I feel good about because I am not just blindly marking a box.

But do you want to know something interesting?

Job is more informed than I am. 

This man who cannot even vote yet (he is a permanent resident, not a citizen. Citizens can vote, not PR). I think he really has made the difference for me this time around. Yes I am older and wiser (a little), but his encouragement and enthusiasm to be informed has really been an example for me. He doesn't fall asleep halfway through each debate like I do (hey, they are on late in the East! ;). He is taking it seriously. He lives in this country so is doing his part to be an active and involved resident. I think many people born in this country could learn from him. I certainly have.

So, that is the state of politics in the Salazar home. We do what we can.

What is your experience with everything going on? Are you super involved? Or excited for it to be over with?
(or both? Angela ;)


  1. Tim and I are the lonely liberals out here in Idaho haha! I think I'm pretty well informed. Tim is even more informed than me. He definitely knows his stuff and I admire his outlook on life, religion, and politics. I've learned so much from that man since we got married 5 years ago! P.s. We miss you guys a ton! So dang jealous of your Boston life!

  2. I don't think super-involved and excited for it to be over with are mutually exclusive. I'll bet Mitt's pretty excited for it to be over. :D I feel like being on the East Coast has taught me to tread more carefully and kindly, which I think has made me better.

    And I am definitely voting this year. :D