Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye my love, I shall return

Job and I did one last hurrah date before I left for my sister's wedding in Utah last week. We are perhaps a tad dramatic since I was only gone 4 days, but any excuse for a date works for us. Plus is has been tricky lately to schedule a real chunk of time together so this was wonderful.

We headed out to the North End (Italian district of town) to try some acclaimed Regina's Pizzeria. We take our job as pizza testers very seriously. Luckily Regina's got great marks from us. I should really make a guide to Boston pizza...

Anyways! A quick stop at Mike's for a treat to bring my family, Moonrise Kingdom from redbox, falling asleep on the couch. Date complete.

1 comment:

  1. Makes my mouth water, love Regina! Their meatball pizza and the pollo pesto are also extremely delicious.

    Saw Moonrise Kingdom a few weeks ago and I thought it was...interesting. I had heard rave reviews so I was kinda miffed.