Monday, November 26, 2012

The great trek of November 2012

I dare not combine my trip for Kristin's wedding in all one post. The shear amount of pictures would crash everyone's computer. I took over 500 in 4 days...I feel like that's a lot, even for me. Especially since two of those days were spent primarily on an airplane taking pictures like this:

 and that, and that, and that.

Did I annoy my seat-mates? Most assuredly. Did I entertain myself on a 9 hour trip? Definitely.

When I arrived operation set up the reception was in full swing. I am so glad I was able to at least help with setting up. There was already so much that everyone had done beforehand. After set up was dinner (I do appreciate my noodles) and manicures for the gals (- the 2 who were still at school and had to drive down in the middle of the night!)

Then the 2 hour time difference got to me and I fell asleep lulled by the sweet sound of my sister's fish tank.


  1. I love the Youngs! :) And Salazars. :)

  2. Man I thought Kristin was Becca in that first picture!