Friday, November 30, 2012

Should have done my research

Inviting a group of girls from your church group to attend a new photography exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts,

and then walking in to find out it is basically a nude-y exhibit.

Nice Rachael, real nice. Just a regular Wednesday night in my life. Luckily cupcakes afterwards helped smooth things over ;)


  1. That "whoops moment" is a great excuse to talk to kids about the difference between nude fine art and pornography. The human body is beautiful, and when done in a tasteful manner with good intentions, I think it's ok. Definitely wouldn't have planned that, either, though!

  2. Definitely! The MFA recently had a Degas and the Nude exhibit that I thought was beautiful. It is an important thing to teach kids, and something adults can learn as well.
    Unfortunately this was the pornographic type of nude and there was not respect for the body :(

  3. Haha! Oh man! Good thing you had cupcakes afterwards to smooth things over.