Friday, December 28, 2012

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date Eight

On the 8th Date of Christmas my true love and I...

Took a tour of a chocolate factory. Can I get an Amen?!

Taza Chocolate in Sommerville is a small, sustainable, organic, direct trade, etc, etc... company that makes rustic stone ground Mexican chocolate. Ok, why have we not gone before?!

It was really cool to learn about their company and it's sustainable practices, and to sample nearly every chocolate in the store. They have vibrant flavours like chipotle, cinnamon, black pepper, orange, vanilla, and tons more. We picked up some disks for gifts and for ourselves, and Job found a cool molinillo (basically a really interesting shaped wooden wisk, used to froth hot chocolate).

We were feeling pretty happy after the tour. Dark chocolate works.

 A real cocoa pod.
 cocoa beans
 vintage red roaster
 they had just got a big shipment of beans
 they hand wrap all their chocolates

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