Friday, December 28, 2012

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date Five

On the 5th Date of Christmas my true love and I...

Went to a Holiday Pops concert at Symphony Hall. You might notice quite a few of our dates are the same as last year. That's because I love traditions! And Christmas wouldn't be the same without hearing the Boston Pops play Sleigh Ride.

We met up at S.H. after my work/whatever Job was doing that day that didn't require 2 arms, and I am telling you, there is something to be said about meeting your date somewhere. It is fun to be watching out, and then all the sudden, there they are and you are happy. It is fun :)

It was of course a fantastic evening. The hall was all decked out, (their wreaths rivalled mine), the program was full of great songs with the Tanglewood chorus, and Melinda Doolittle singing a few beautiful gospel songs, and Santa even paid a visit. 
Happy Holidays for sure!

How I could tell this was going to be special evening: my sparkly clutch contained only necessary items-A few important cards such as my T card, my phone, and reese's pieces.

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