Friday, December 7, 2012

You play church Basketball, you pay the price

 (this post was written early this week and I am just posting it. So the feelings were pretty fresh and just flowed out :)

This is what has happened here.
This is our trial right now.
This is a chance to grow and learn.

Job broke his elbow playing basketball on Saturday. Not a fun call for any wife to hear, but the wife of a violinist? I panicked. He has been in a sling for the past few days, and then on Monday we found out from a specialist that he will need surgery if he is to have the best chance of regaining mobility and strength in his arm and elbow.
O.k. let's do it then. Whatever will help him be out of pain and back playing his violin for many, many years to come, we'll do.
It may seem insensitive that I am focusing so much on his violin playing. I am so grateful for his health and safety and that is what's most important, but let's be real-playing the violin has been a huge part of his life for almost 20 years. To have the thought that he will have to take a short break from it, and perhaps not return 100% was sad for both of us to.
However his surgeon has worked on many musicians and athletes and said he should be able to play in several weeks, and be back to full strength in 3-6 months.
Job has such a good attitude and is happy with this report. I am too, and am grateful to live where we have world class medical care widely available.
So we are happy mostly :) We can learn and grow from this and come back stronger.
{One thing we already learned is to have a backup. As sad as that kind of sounds to me. Job has a teaching degree along with his performance degrees and is currently teaching private lessons, but has decided to get his teaching license for the state. He is planning on performing after school, and I still have no doubt that will happen, but this experience has made us realize that backups are always good because life doesn't always run as smoothly as your 5 year plan says it will.}
The sad moments are there. Going from playing for hours and hours a day, and really making huge strides in his playing lately, to nothing has been difficult. I came home late from work last night to find Job like this, bowing away.

He just can't put it down, even when he is in a lot of pain and can't use one arm. This image made me sad, and proud, and happy. With dedication and love that he had I no longer have the worry that he won't return 100%. I actually think this experience will make him (and me) better.
So that's that. Surgery Thursday, then lots of therapy (OT/PT) afterwards.
You've got this babe. Work it.

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