Saturday, April 27, 2013

It happened one night on the way back home

Driving home together after work

Rachael to Job: wanna go on a date with me? :)
Job: yes! Wan't to go grocery shopping first?
R: yes!

When Job grocery shops it just so happens that we end up spending more money, but it is because we get things like chocolate covered peanuts, and purple cauliflower. So it's ok :) (and I just really appreciate when Job helps me with it, because I really do not care for grocery shopping. Maybe because I usually don't get fun stuff!)
We strolled the isles for veg, then headed to big old BJs where Job got a hankering to become grill master. Someday I will get him one of those to play with :)
Afterwards we found ourselves at Zaftigs, which we have been wanting to try. Per our awesome foodie friend's advice we got the potato pancakes, which were delish. We also got a Rueben, which I wouldn't recommend there. (best Reuben in Boston according to me so far: 1. Charleys saloon-closed :( 2. Sam LaGrassas. Still on the hunt. I heartily enjoy a good Reuben.)
I love spontaneous dates. And my really, really cute husband.
The end.

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  1. Go for the Monte Cristo at Zaftig's next time. To die for.