Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mexico-Part 1. Monterrey

I have got to get this written about! See previous post for a whole bunch of my spewed out thoughts and feelings. Now I will proceed to photo dump... ;) (***ok, so I am getting wordy too. For posterity!***)

Job had been gone at a summer festival in Napa Valley, CA before our trip (post to come on that. So proud of him). So I was flying solo out of Boston and was supposed to meet him in Mexico. But as it turns out, we found each other at a layover in Houston! Is is weird that I get all nervous and have major butterflies when I see Job after him being gone for any extended period? Seriously, I just was so excited to see him after 2 weeks. That's about all I can take of him being gone.

After saying goodbye and boarding separate planes, we met again in Mexico. I came in first and had to get my way through customs etc... without speaking Spanish. They opened up by bag and everything. It was good for me to get a little taste of what it is like to be the minority. I got a lot more of a taste over the next few weeks, and I feel like I grew from the experience.

Monterrey has amazing, huge mountains surrounding it. Hence the name. City of mountains. Very cool.

We surprised Job's family, so it is really fun to see the looks of shock on their faces when we just popped up at their house. That's definitely Job's style, he loves surprises ;)
First order of business was to get everyone together for tacos of course! (Job's mom and dad were visiting Job's other sister in Seattle. We were sad to miss them).

 These kids! My first time meeting them, and we became fast friends. I didn't have a free hand/lap/shoulder when I was with them, and I loved it. I also think I learned the most Spanish from them, since they would just talk, talk, talk, even though I didn't understand very much ;)
 The next morning we had breakfast at the coolest little side-street taco stand. I think knowing a local is the best way to see a place. How else would we know about this stuff!?

 I got to go up and see the little kitchen :) The pots were so cool.

Some other highlights of the first few days: Getting a flat tire, and our cool tia hailing a cabby to come help change it haha. 
 Shopping at the craziest, coolest market downtown. Once again, this was not for faint tourist hearts. I got the real deal experience ;)

Ice pops from a dude on the side of the road, while stopped at a stop light. These were like otter pops on steroids. Except in a good way. I could taste the coconut flakes in mine. So good, and so necessary on such a hot day.

 This is Job, in his element. I love him
We had lots more family time, lots more great food, and lots more laughs before we left the next day for our second destination-the Mayan Riviera.

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