Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mexico Part 3. Some relaxing, Isla Mujeres, and other such things

 Pina coladas by the pool. A must in my mind ;)

 Taking the ferry to Isla Mujeres
 I was made to live in a hammock I think. This was actually right after snorkeling, which was very fun but I discovered from the 2 times we went this trip that it makes me seasick. No bueno. But, nothing that a tropical drink and nap in a hammock cant' fix ;)
 Ok this is a no edit, snapped on our mid-range camera, auto mode picture. And the water looks like that. I know, I just can't get over the water.

 We took lots of walks along 5th Avenue. It was just around the corner from our place, and had a very fun energy and vibe. Lots of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. Though our idea of night life is getting tacos of course ;)

 We were pretty proud of our sand castle.

Ok, this was some spicy goodness.

And then there's food.

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