Friday, October 11, 2013

Mexico Part 6. Xcaret

Xcaret is an eco-archaeological theme park near Playa that Job and I took a day to go to. It has protected animals and plants, ancient buildings, and land that has been preserved to show the history and landscape of the area. It was so much fun to explore with Job and learn more about the area. One of the main highlights of the park is a sort of underground river/cave system that you can snorkel through. It was incredible, and I recovered from snorkel sickness a lot faster this time ;)
At the end of the day there was a huge show about the history of the area, and about the different regions of Mexico. It was exciting for me to learn about Job's home country, and I gained so much appreciation for it. We cheered extra loud when Monterrey was displayed :) Represent.

I want to be buried in this colourful, circular graveyard. Remember that.

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