Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One year older and wiser too

Job turned another year older on September 12th. Another birthday. Still looking about 21 that handsome devil ;) We kept it chill, that's our style most of the time. It was great to spend time together, eat some good food, open some gifts (I finally got what he really wanted this year. Wife award! ;). I also actually wrote down his birthday interview this year.

Happy birthday old man ;) I love you.

Job birthday interview

Age: 29
What are you doing in life: finishing graduate work, searching for employment
What are your goals for this year: find a job, be able to provide for my family financially, see my parents and sister in Seattle, with my wife of course.
Kids: 0
Kids by 30: 1 on the way
Calling in church: choir director, Gospel doctrine teacher, chorister 
Favorite piece to play right now: brahms violin concerto
What do you want for your next birthday: new pans
Where will you be living next year? No clue
What car do you drive: sub forester
(His question to himself) What do I need to do to be a good father, what things I can do now to inspire my future children to be good people? Read book of Mormon as family and individual. Read Sunday school lessons every week, go to the temple, continue to work our temple shift, help in the house.
How do I feel about 29? Feels the same as being 24
Advice to your 30 year old self: treasure the blessings I have right now. Don't wish things you cannot have, rather enjoy all the wonderful blessings you have been given already.


  1. Wait a second....Rachel are you pregnant or is that just a goal ;) Sorry the question had to be asked per the "Kids by 30" question. Also I had a dream two nights ago that we had driven somewhere to see a concert and you were playing in the Orchestra and we saw Job in the audience and you guys had a little baby (I know really random) but we really miss you two. I hope things are going well!

  2. And I third that comment. haha. Happy birthday Job!