Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't worry, be.....

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

― Gerard Way

I love this quote. It applies to marriages, work, just life in general! And boy are we happy. Life is not perfect, but looking past the little imperfections it is just so good!

A few life updates from the Salazars:

>>>I recently got called to be the Young Women's 1st Counselor at church, which means I help mentor, plan activities, and teach a group of girls ages 12-18. It is a time commitment for sure, but I am really enjoying it.

>>>Job has been travelling around for auditions this school year. So far from Mexico City, to Vermont, and many in between. Boy am I proud of him.

>>>Speaking of Job, he is currently playing with a few local MA orchestras. He is rocking it, and loves doing it (PLUS, playing outside of school and getting paid for it is even better! ;)

>>>Our poor little car is having engine troubles. Let's not talk about it.

>>>Let's instead talk about public transportation. I am using it a lot more now. My trip to and from work is longer, but not bad at all. I kind of like it. Some days ;)

>>>We have been out and about taking advantage of cool events around the city lately. A science and cooking lecture at Harvard one night, stargazing on top of a museum the next. Most of those get instagramed right up next to my cliche food shots so take a look ;)

>>>We currently have an Italian student living with us, (the third one we have hosted, I guess we like Italians ;). We get up at 4:45am, and he stays out until 1am or later, so our paths hardly ever cross. I think I have seen him about 3 times in 2 weeks. But he is very polite and friendly, and we are hoping to pick up some cooking tips and ideas on how to be effortlessly chic while he is here.

>>>Have I mentioned we are very happy with this imperfect life of ours? It is one big adventure.

Also, did you hear we won? Oh yeah we did! ;)

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  1. I love you two so much. This blog is a wonderful way to stay connected, and yet in some ways I feel sad that I am not with you to enjoy the fun. Thanks for sharing.