Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks a lot!

Feeling all warm, fuzzy and grateful here. Happy thanksgiving to all!

I am working today so Job and I are not doing a traditional meal, but we are feeling the spirit of this special day.

Job and I just spent a week doing our semi-annual pretend-to-be-parents gig and we loved it. We had 4 fun and sweet boys to tend, and it makes me realize that I could handle having boys some day! ;) 

It was a good pre-thanksgiving week and made me (surprise!) grateful for a lot of things.

In no particular order (except the first few ;)

  • My loving Father in Heaven and my Savior. First always.
  • The best friend I have ever had. Job, you are just something else. A million thanks for putting up with my special kind of crazy. You are my favorite person ever, and forever.
  • The rest of my big, loving family!
  • The fact that our car is miraculously still working
  • Frothy, hot, and hazelnutty steamed milk. Woody's pizza, seafood chowder from No Name, Sam's sandwiches....
  • Fuzzy socks, a warm husband when I don't have clean socks
  • YouTube, my job, YouTube at my job
  • Clorox wipes
  • Funny, funny books (just finished 'dad is fat', currently on 'holidays on ice)
  • Coming across perfectly intact Fall leaves just sitting right there in the street.
  • Late nights walks to the corner store with Jobito. 
  •  A city that always has something great to do!
  • Muuuuuuuusic
  • Roasted green beans with lots of pepper, a sprinkle of salt, and drizzled with olive oil (<----free recipe for you)

Need I go on? There is a lot.

Have a happy, safe, and food-filled holiday everyone!

Thanksgiving food demo at Le Cordon Bleu
The boys. 

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