Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks again....

I'm not done.

I walked in from work on Thanksgiving to Job cooking me up a delicious Mexican meal and this playlist going. I was put on hors d'oeuvres duty and we just sang, and cooked, and ate, and chilled. It was me + him= just us. It was how we wanted it this year and so much fun.
We did our own food thing, no turkey or stuffing, but couldn't resist a pie from Keltic Krust bakery. I mean, Caramel Apple Walnut pie is not to be ignored. I enjoyed leftovers for days, and dessert after breakfast is totally a thing. A good thing.

So to add to my previous list,

thanks a lot for:

Our warm and comfy home, pie, and Job. Oh did I mention that already?

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