Friday, January 17, 2014

Washington trip 2014: Part 2

My titles are nothing if not descriptive, no?

Here are a few more, for good measure and health.

 Ok, this was fun. One night we stopped in at the coolest root beer store. This place has hundreds of different brands and flavours of root beer, it was awesome! I knew we had to do something about all those options. So we got ourselves a pack and had a good old fashioned blind test tasting.
 ^The M.C. and organizer of the event. ^
Eric's face in the background is my favorite. I am pretty sure he is tasting the ginger beer Job snuck in there. ;)
 Here they are, all ready to be tasted. P.S. the Vigil's won overall. I voted for the Frosty's though, so creamy and delish.
  Getting dinner and a show at a really awesome Japanese steak house, Flying food galore, and jokes besides! :)
An absolute Thai feast one night. This is where I discovered a love for purple rice with coconut cream.

Final part of our trip to come :)

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