Monday, February 17, 2014

New Year Goals 2014! In February! ;)

I am big on New Years resolutions. I like to call them goals--it feels more solid that way. Sometimes I make them January 1st and get a good start on them, and some years I have January as a little practice month to see which goals I want to focus on. This year I did the latter and it was a great January. I felt well rounded and moderately accomplished.

I am not shy with making goals. I figure even thinking most pessimistically, even if I just do a certain goal for a few months (or weeks), how did it hurt to, for example, work out for that amount of time? It didn't. If a goal got you doing something good or stopping something bad for any amount of time I figure that's good (though of course the hope is to continue on!).

I am going to try something a little different this year, inspired by my sister and this TED talk. It's just 3 1/2 minutes, go ahead and watch it.

30 days at a time. I can do that. Whether its stopping a bad habit something for 30 days or doing something better, it is attainable and is long enough to help form a habit. The trick is to really focus on that thing(s) that month and not worry as much about other things. That way it doesn't become overwhelming. Not that I will let everything else go by the wayside, but each month I will do my best at my grand list of goals, but do really great at a few and hopefully those will become habits and I can just add upon the goodness all year. Got me?

So for February I decided to start with something that I think will get me in a good place-reading the Book of Mormon all the way through. 30 days of reading every day, which will hopefully get me into a better habit of reading scriptures. Here is the schedule I am using:


It is now more than halfway through the month and its been going really well. I read on the train in the morning and it starts my day off right.

Wish me luck with this method. Next month I will focus on a few new things and do them every single day. Here it goes!

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