Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Job has been gone most of the Valentine's Days we have been together. I honestly never really minded, I mean, it's just a day and we can celebrate love any day. Plus, it can get kind of crazy trying to do the typical stuff on the same day everyone else is. It can get a bit commercialized. There is nothing wrong with the typical traditions of course. Red roses and heart chocolates can be classic and lovely, but I love that Job knows me so well and pulled out the stops to plan a special, personalized Valentine's weekend for us. That's right, he was here this year and we decided to live it up. 

We met after work by the big clock at the corner of Boylston and Mass ave. That's a good place to meet up fyi. I was presented with his version of chocolate and flowers for me--local, raw wildflower honey, and a bar of spicy cayenne chocolate with pepitas-oh yeah. I can eat those things.

We took a wonderful long walk around the south end, and arrived at the coolest, most unique restaurant. If any locals want a great date recommendation, Addis Red Sea it is. It's an Ethiopian restaurant, and the food was delicious. It was intimate, the decor was authentic and beautiful, and there is something romantic about eating with just your hands ;) Yes, I said it. Just try it ok? We loved it.

After dinner we picked out a pretty brownstone we liked (we like to real estate window shop) and walked over to Jordan Hall for a concert of French Opera music. Ahh it was beautiful. The soprano was phenomenal, and all the period baroque instruments really lent an authenticity that is important with baroque music (to me at least ;). It was a refreshing concert and we both really enjoyed it. 

The next morning continued with Job renting a Mini Cooper, which is my favorite car, to take us to get some pampering. We cruised  in a cute convertible (top up, we're not crazy people here), relaxed, and then bought some nice beauty products to bring home. I think I want every Saturday morning to be like that. 

For Valentine's day I made Job some decadent brownies, a little Valentine complete with puffy paint, and got him a little gift. But I think we know who really rocked it out with the plans this holiday. Thank you Job! I do love you, that's a fact.

Hope you got to spend time with those you love this v-day! Shout out to our families who we really love and appreciate. 

It is now Monday, the weekend is gone. But I feel so refreshed and happy that I got to spend some special time with Job. It is keeping me going until our next adventure. 

Blurrry. It was dark and seductive in there I tell you.

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