Saturday, June 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home-Part 1

Home sweet home; home is where the heart is; your home is a temple; peace, like charity, begins at home...

Homes are pretty important and I think it is about time we documented our little love nest. Job and I have had 4 different apartments together and there are special memories in each one. I will always remember each one, but I do regret not documenting them better. I have a few scattered pictures of us in our homes, but not pictures of our homes. I am going to fix that from this apartment onward. We have especially loved this home, and have lived here the longest. We have settled into it, and into the neighborhood, and feel comfortable here. Decorating has been very slow because that's how I do it. Some pictures put up here and there, an item bought from a special trip placed, and furniture slowly collected through craigslist and friends. I am not much of a decorator anyways, but I like to put things together that reflect Job and I. There are still so many things that need/I want done on it, but if I keep putting this off any longer I will miss my chance. So, for our remembrance, here is our simple little home, presented in a few blog posts:

 Entry, Bathroom and  Kitchen:

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