Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jiggity jig

After Job and I sold our car and decided to become public transportation nuts, my commute changed a tad. It went from being a 30 minute car ride, to an 1 1/2-2 hour train/bus/walk each way. It was an adjustment, but I have gotten used to the change and have settled into the routine. Having ample amounts of podcasts, ted talks, books, music, etc... on my i-pad has certainly helped ;)

Here's my little commute schedule, complete with random pictures I took to entertain myself on various days. This will not make sense to most people, but I want to be able to show my kids one day that their mum trudged to and fro work in the snowstorms of New England ;)

  • Catch 5:32am Blue line Train to State Street
  • Either a) walk to Park Street, or b) catch the orange line train to Downtown crossing and walk the concourse to Park.
  • Catch the 6:00am Green line-D train to Newton Highlands
  • Wait for the 59 Bus
  • Take 59 to stop
  • Walk 10 minutes to destination.
  • Arrive 6:52, an acceptable 8 minutes before work shift starts. 

Going home is basically reversed, but with a definite outside walk from Park to State street, and more waiting due to silly bus schedules, so turns into about 2 hours. 

I guess that's that. It really is not so bad, but it does turn my 9 hour work day into a longer ordeal. It just means I have to organize my life a little differently, and some things I was able to do before have to be set aside for now. However it also means I have time to read my scriptures on the train, I feel good about being more eco-friendly, Job and I can take the train together for part of the way, and I have some "alone" time to think (with hundreds of other people ;) each day. Plus I get to see more of the city I love as I walk around more.

 Walking through Downtown Crossing. I love how busy and bustling it gets.
 I get to walk by the Common everyday which is so nice
 Yes I do

I have to do something to entertain myself while waiting for the bus

 I spy the 59 bus
 This is early
Our T-Stop

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