Friday, June 13, 2014

Everything's good in the 'hood

We love our home, and we also love our neighborhood. Let's take a little walk, shall we?

Job and I wandered around taking a few pictures of our neighborhood one night for date night, just reminiscing about good times, and appreciating what we've got. This is just our immediate little neighborhood. There is a lot more of East Boston as you venture further but this is what we see every day :)

 Our little local beach. It is nice to have some sand and water within a short walk.
 This church plays beautiful bells every so often. It is right behind our house so we can hear them when we open the windows.
 Gotta include the cleaners down the street :)
 This corner store saved us countless times, especially after we sold our car and at times when life was jammed full. We have gotten to know the owners and it is fun to go in and discover new things.
 Butcher and another corner store we like. I am telling you, convenience is one of the great things about our neighborhood.
 Like this T-stop, just a block away from our apartment. Perfect for us public transporters.
 The old local library branch. I loved the ladies in there and they knew me when I came in too. Sadly this building closed late last year, but the new library is absolutely lovely as well. It's not as close and not as familiar, but it does the job ;)
I love the modern architecture and design.
 Colombian restaurant down the street. Our guests would frequent this place when they were in town. Yummy food in a nice atmosphere.
Royal Roast Beef and Seafood for all our quick, inexpensive, and greasy meal needs. It is right next to a little shop with some of the creamiest ice cream I've had the pleasure of enjoying. Two minute walk from our place, but don't worry, we ration it out ;)

 Right up the street from us there is a big flight of stairs that leads you to this Madonna shrine. You can also get great views of Boston from up there.

One of my favorite parts of our neighborhood is Breman Street Park. It has playgrounds, community gardens, bike and walking paths, the library is at one end, beautiful landscaping, and lovely views of downtown. 

And that my friends is just a little taste of where we live and love. Kind people, convenient location, some good community programs and resources, and Job. It's all I need.

Most pictures taken by us, but a few by wikipedia and, and as marked.

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