Saturday, June 14, 2014

You guys, we moved last week.

Why the sudden need to document our lovely little home and neighborhood? Because we moved from said place last Friday.

Job and I had a great opportunity come to help out a family with household duties in exchange for free rent/utilities/perks. It was a quick, short-ish notice thing, and we just went for it. We already were considering moving closer to my work, and this is just a few miles away so it was perfect. It is in a beautiful area of Cambridge, really close to the Charles River, a jog away from a beautiful pond, next to a huge, historical cemetery, a short walk to Harvard square (i.e. good food ;), close to small local shops, etc...

So now is the task of setting up this new place, and then documenting it for our journal. It will be a substantial change for us since this place is a small studio (an apartment above the garage, part of a big, gorgeous old home where the family lives, but with a separate entrance). Coming from a roomy 2 bedroom with a large amount of storage space, to a small studio will be an adjustment, but we are both excited for the challenge. There are trade-offs to every situation. But so far I am really liking what we have here. We have already noticed that we are more active here, and are enjoying exploring the absolutely beautiful neighborhood. And getting rid of about 75% of our "stuff" was liberating in a way.

Slightly off topic but I want to hear what you think: Since we were married Job and I have enjoyed discussions about whether to live in a really nice neighborhood with a smaller home, or a less nice/less upscale (but still safe and great :) neighborhood with a bigger or better home. What do you prefer? We have enjoyed seeing the perks of both!

Anyways, we really love East Boston and will always have great memories from living there. Now we just get to make great memories here in Cambridge as well! New adventures, here we come!

P.S. this is the 3rd place we have lived in Boston in 4 years. With this record we might make it to all the neighborhoods of Boston before long ;)

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  1. What a fun change. I love getting rid of (most) excess stuff.