Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why F-eye

When you have a long train ride you get creative in entertaining yourself. I like to see what random wifi names I can pick up.

This is a cool general one for Boston:
  • Wicked free wifi

There are those who like to go for classic female recording artists:
  • Jlo
  • Adele

I imagine a strait laced dude correctly labeling his: 
  • Richard's WiFi Network
Proper punctuation and everything

Then there are the creative souls:

  • Buttlickingcrackwhores
  • Darthdoodie 
  • Love shack 
  • Feetofclaypottery1

These people have been burned by pilfering neighbors in the past:
  • Notouch

No one is remembering this one:
  • Mg hsshfbyaq_7844_ambwylpfA

And an inspiring message every time you connect:
  • YOR worth it!
^^^^Thank you! ^^^^

1 comment:

  1. Haha these are awesome. Whenever we see a new wifi pop up at home we like to guess which neighbor it belongs to.