Monday, July 21, 2014

Job's Final Graduate Recital

This guy did it! Rocked his final G.P.D. recital and graduated like a boss from The Boston Conservatory. Awwww yeeeeaaahhh!! Congratulations Job, it's been a long, wonderful, tough, fun road. I am one proud wife.
Job played an all Spanish music program which was awesome. Very lively and exciting to listen to. He worked so hard to prepare, and it showed. Nailed it! ;)

The gang's all here! (minus Oscar, he tends to wander off.... ;)

Not pictured, Job's family worked really hard to make a whole delicious spread for a reception afterwards. We are talking flaky baked empanadas for days! But they didn't last for days because they were so good.
Doing his thing. 
(Thanks Emerald for the pic. And for coming :))


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