Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Got Bach

Recently Job was telling me about a Bach piece he is learning, so of course I replied with, "Nice. Baby got Bach!"
He smiled politely but it wasn't until I serenaded him youtube style, ipad waving in the air, that he admitted he didn't know the song. (!!)

Cue Monday night dance party at the Salazars.

Some of our other favorite dance tunes:

-The Lombada ("that's the forbidden dance!")
-Give up the Funk, Parliament
-Anything by Celia Cruz  
-Rehab, Amy Winehouse
-Stayin' Alive, Bee Gees
-Take on me, A-ha
-Bailar Contigo, Carlos Vives
-Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake
-Twist and Shout, The Beatles
-Asereje (The Ketchup Song), Las Ketchup
-Bailar Contigo, Carlos Vives
-Rock DJ, Robbie Williams
-Boomtastic, Shaggy
-ABC, Jackson 5
-The Pandora Station "Dance Cardio"

And for a cool down,
-Bachata en Fukuoka, Juan Luis Guerra
-Cuando me Enamoro, Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra

(disclaimer-I can't vouch for all the music videos. We just throw this stuff up on spotify and dance away :)

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