Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hey, hey my boyfriend's back

Job and I didn't cross paths from when I got back from Korea and he left for Utah. So it has been way too long, but we are reunited again! Life is good.

A few of my favorite moments from tonight:

  • Job wandering around the apartment for a while, then suddenly looking down and exclaiming, "Where did my pants go?! Did you take them off?" (He was really wondering. No, I didn't ;)
  • Job sharing his latest playlist, which included some Hanson. Oh yeah people, mmmbob time.
  • Job busted out a brand new dance move, I busted out some classics. My robot needs work.
  • Present time! Job got to open the gifts I got him from Korea. He proclaimed we are eating everything with our new chopsticks now.
  • 11pm pancakes. (We already forgot to use the chopsticks, dang).

 Selfies and a gratuitous bum shot.

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