Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Few Fall Happenings

We've had a lovely Autumn thus far! The weather has been delightfully pleasant, which, after a delightfully pleasant Summer can only mean one thing--POLAR VORTEX IS COMING! Or just Winter will happen, or we'll have a delightfully pleasant Winter. So, it can mean one of 3 things then. Right.
Here are a few of the happenings around here for the first half of Fall or so. We've carried on from Summer, just with brighter colors and more layers. Walks, couch lazing, bike rides, incessant foliage picture-taking, exploring the city, attending events, spending time with friends, and eating good food. I suppose we've worked somewhere in there as well. Job had a concert in Mexico the end of October which went really well. It's never fun to have him gone, but I'm happy to see him enjoy his profession. He also brought home tamales, which helped ease any separation woes ;)
Job is currently gone to Mexico again, and Fall carries on. And it carries on very quickly. Thanksgiving in a week, onto December and snow, our 5th anniversary, Christmas...and then before we know it we'll be old and dead. No, no. But wow this year has gone by quickly! Let me just add that I am very grateful for my partner by my side. My teammate extraordinaire. He has made the difficult moments this Fall much more bearable. Thanks dude.
Now we are going to eke out the rest of this glorious Fall! I suggest you do the same ;)

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