Sunday, November 2, 2014

Job's Birthday Interview

Age: 30
What are you doing in life: In transition of developing my professional career. Trying to focus on the right things, trying to be ready to hopefully be a dad soon. Part time job as a personally assistant.
What are your goals for this year: Keep working to find a Job,work hard in calling, be a better friend and husband. Just be a good person.
What is your currency favorite t.v. Show? The wonder years.
What makes you laugh? You.
Kids: Yes, bring them on. With at least one Irish jack Russell terrier. (How many kids do you have now?) 0
Kids by 31 (guess): 1
Calling in church: 2nd counselor in elders quorum presidency, Sunday school teacher, sacrament meeting chorister.
Favorite piece to play right now: De Falla pieces. Specifically Spanish suite of folk songs.
Favorite hobby/leisure activity: Playing with the dogs at the pond.
What do you want for your next birthday: Have a healthy family.
What do you want to do for your next birthday? No party, I want to go and eat at the elephant walk.
Where will you be living next year? Boston.
What car do you drive: Audi s4 and zip cars "I have my zip car collection". (No personal car, lots of bike riding, public transport).
(Jobs' question to himself) What do I need to do to be a good father, what things I can do now to inspire my future children to be good people?: Think less about myself and think more about those around me.
How do I feel about being 30? Still feels like I'm 15.
Advice to your 31 year old self: Same as above-think less about yourself, think more about others especially those that are closest you.

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