Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Decade for Job!

Happy 30th Jobito! This is a big one, ya know? I have been thinking about it all year, what we would do, what I would get him, etc... I thought up some big plans, a trip, big party with friends, blah, blah... but then I wised up and decided to ask Job what he actually wanted to do. Imagine me doing that ;) All he asked for? "Cook a meal at home, go dancing, and a tres leches cake".
Well, I listened and Job said he had a wonderful weekend of fun, so I will be listening to Job's opinions more often from now on. (I did throw in some of my own things, but all things he loved, promise! ;)
His birthday was actually September 12th, but I was in Korea, and then he was in Utah/Idaho, and then when we finally got together again our work schedules just would not match up enough to have a day off together. Finally, October 18-19th it worked out. Laid back fun and celebrating ensued :)

I did make a schedule for one of the days... I couldn't help myself.

 (edited for, ahem, personal content.)

 Decorating proved fun, and slightly dangerous. 30 balloons ain't nothing to sneer at. I put little love notes in each balloon and Job has been popping them at his leisure. We still have some around the house, just hanging out until he needs a pick-me-up.

mini pinata :) I had to.

 We don't do matching socks, but I was impressed with our color coordination between feet at least.
 We approved of our movie choice (Meet the Mormons :)
 Lunch was goooooood.
Bike with BBQ--a blessed sight.

 Sunday we took a beautiful bike ride along the Charles. The sun was shining, people were out, all was good.
 We watched the Head of the Charles Regatta along the way.

 Last minute on Saturday Job requested instead of dancing we go hang out with some friends who were getting together to cook. Always ok in my book, and seeing Job happy around his friends is fun :)

Happy Birthday mi amor. Here's to many, many, {many} more.

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