Sunday, November 9, 2014

Korea {part 4}

Tuesday-grabbed an early bus to Sokcho for a day of hiking Soraksan. It was amazing!! We hiked up to the very top and got some beautiful views. I love hiking. Korean people also do, and they are good at it. There were lots of people and grandmas passed us at times ;) it was unique also because there were Buddhist temples along the hike that you could see, at least until you got too high. The last one was built right into a huge rock.
That night we stayed at the ritz cal (good name ;) and were in an ondal room-just a thin yo on the floor. It was an experience!

Wednesday--We went down to Donghae and the town below. We shopped a bit, then had a cool bbq with Maren's old branch. They were really nice. Then a couple were so sweet and took us around the area and showed us some spectacular beaches! It was so fun and they were so nice. We then hopped on a bus back to Seoul. After a quick cafe stop for toast, we headed back to the apartment for sleep. It is the first night I felt really tired. Good night! ;)

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