Monday, November 10, 2014

Korea {part 5, final}

Thurs Sep 11-  This day we tried something very culturally Korean, which got me out of my comfort zone a bit. We went to a Moguokton which is a Korean bath house. It has a bunch of pools of different temperatures, from boiling hot to icy cold, saunas, showers, scrubs etc... and everyone just hangs out and relaxes in the nude, ha! It was just women, but we did stand out a bit. Somehow I imagine they don't get many foreigners in a Moguokton ;) But it is a very typical thing to do, so how could we refuse that experience. Later we had lunch with some friends of Maren's. They cooked a feast! It was one of my favorite meals there. I also was complimented on how well I sat at the low Korean tables; they said I looked like a natural and thought I must have spent time there before. Of course they were being way too nice, but flattery is A-ok in my book ;)
After lunch we did some fun shopping in Dongdaemun Market I think (we also shopped at Namdaemun market, Myeong-dong and others throughout the trip, but I could never get them all straight). It was a place you could get lost in after a while, and it was really fun to check out the cool clothes and other items.
That night I was able to meet up with some wonderful friends who used to live in Boston. We had a nice visit, and it was so special to see the amazing Han family in their beautiful country. 

Friday-Our last day wasn't a full day, but we had the morning so the others went to do some last minute shopping. I am not much of a shopper and I couldn't handle anymore so I stayed back at the apartment to soak up some last minute views of the city and eat some good leftovers :) We bid a fond farewell to our wonderful hosts and to the land of the morning calm, and began a huge caravan of luggage through the little streets to the airport. Until next time Korea! Thanks for treating us so well.

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