Thursday, December 18, 2014

Twelve Dates of Christmas 2014: Date 4

Iiiiiiii'm dreaming of a White Christmas! Oh how I love that movie. And Job for getting into my old flicks. It reminds me of my family -- we would watch it every year. I definitely wanted to be Vera-Ellen growing up. In my little skinny days (back when I was 4 or so) I would throw on my leotard and wiggle around pretending I was her, and that everyone oooh'd and ahhh'd over my impressive toe tapping skills

Also, when I watch certain old movies I can't help but comment to whomever will listen how  much more talented people were in general back then. At least the people deemed worthy to make a movie. They could sing, dance, act, do drama, be funny! Now....the criteria seems pretty low sometimes ;)  But enough of this 80 year old ranting on, the point is, this movie was the one this year. We might squeeze another one in, we might not (as it was we had to watch 'White Christmas' in two installments) but this was our New England loving, Vermonty, official Christmas movie of 2014.

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