Thursday, December 18, 2014

Twelve Dates of Christmas 2014: Date 5

We got together with our fantastic Nava friends and made some Christmas tamales. They had a whole host of great Christmas albums to recommend, so we tried out bob Dylan  (hilarious for a Christmas album) and Seth MacFarlane-really good! He has a great voice, which surprised me for some reason. A crooner for sure.

The tamales were awesome of course. After that the boys jammed a bit on guitar and vocals (Feliz Navidad became the song that never ended ;) while Michelle and I decorated the apartment. Michelle has some super cute decorations and I had fun putting them wherever I wanted! What a low key and nice friend to put up with me ;) Before we knew it it was late, so we bundled up, took our bag of extra tamales and treats, and hit the road (Michelle always gives treats for the road. Crazy how she does it).

Thumbs up for food, thumbs up for friends, thumbs up for nestling in our bed (too cheesy? Christmas makes me happy).

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