Sunday, December 21, 2014

Twelve Dates of Christmas 2014: Date 6

On our 6th date of Christmas my true love and I:

Took a night walk to see the lights-there weren't a ton of homes that went all out surprisingly. We live in a nice neighborhood with lots of single family homes so I thought there would be a lot. But I've noticed it has been sparse around the city this year. Maybe weather stuff? Anyways, it was a beautiful night and we caught a few festive places. Plus, we were hanging out together which was the point ya know? We get silly sometimes on night walks. People can't see as much, so for some reason that means we can dance and sing in the streets (?). Makes perfect sense ;)
 Job was worried that the families who lived in these houses would think we were casing the joint because I was taking photos. Haha. We definitely look like hardened criminals, huh?
 I like this one. I imagine Job was either singing, or telling me to hurry and take the pic ;)

My preference still stands-white lights are my very favorite.

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