Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" ~Robin Williams

Spring was a little late to the party here in Massachusetts, but it was worth the wait. Perhaps it is just from coming out of an Epic Winter, but this Spring seems extra idyllic. There have been stages as it's unfurled, and each stage has been enchanting.

The little bulbs that peek out are one of the most exciting things after a long Winter, and when those tulips and daffodils bloomed it was like the city was one big garden party.

Then the tree blooms. Oh the blooms! Popcorn popping, natural confetti petals sprinkling the sidewalks, bright pink, white, purple, and yellow trees! This was one of my favorite chapters of Spring. I stopped to photograph almost every tree I passed for a while, as if that could help them last longer. At least in my camera roll they will live on.

After that, the tiny fresh light green leaves on trees came out, and as they grew larger and darker green they created a canopy over the streets, lending a soft shade just begging to be walked under. I irrationally feel safe walking under these trees. They feel comforting, and welcoming.

But let's really talk about the scent of Spring. Every day as I walk to and from the bus I get heady with glee as I take huge inhales of the fresh air. It so perfumed with floral notes, and the soft wind only makes the scent stronger. I pass no fewer than 6 lilac bushes on my way home from work every day, and I stop to stick my nose in each and every one. And each and every one makes me smile, thank God for Spring, and love Massachusetts (and the earth in general) that much more. This state knows how to do seasons. It doesn't hold back. We get strong, bold seasons, and I adore it.

Spring still has lots of good life left in her that I am trying to savor and enjoy. Any favorite activities that are a "must" in Spring that I should add to my list?

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