Monday, July 20, 2015

Wake up call

Someday I will stop being surprised at his surprises, but for now I am loving them. Job told me he was coming in tonight, but actually showed up in my doorstep last night/this morning at 1am. I was awoken by the sound of "human of the year" from my cell phone, and was incredulous that it was morning time already. (My alarm also plays Regina Spektor, just a different song. I wasn't quite thinking straight that early). Well, that ringtone is only for my human of the year so once I realized that I answered and heard a, "can you come open the door for me?" :) Yeeeeessssss.

Turns out he was supposed to arrive around 9pm, but every flight Job gets on is delayed. He got to hang out on a beach in Miami for the day, so not too bad ;) He is here now, and we are ready to live it up like a married couple. Like, we still have to go to work. But the evenings and weekends are our for the taking, so we'll take them and run.

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  1. Job surprises are the best. I hope you are loving every minute.