Saturday, August 15, 2015

Job "visits" Boston, July

Job had a good long break from work in July, so he decided there were worse things in life than to spend it with me. So, he dragged himself on an airplane to come visit ;) Do you know what we did for those two weeks? We lived normal lives. And it was blissful! It made me realize how much I love having Job with me to share everyday life; the highs and lows, the errands, the fun, the food, the laughs. I went to work, he practiced his violin, took meetings and lessons, and cooked really good food for me. When I got home each day he was there, with a smile, a kiss, and a conversation. That's good stuff for me.

Evening debriefing.
Pizza picnic. We had the most gorgeous evening, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than by grabbing our favorite pie, lying down on a blanket, and chilling out.


Weekdays I get up much too early for a proper sit down breakfast, but weekends called for breakfasts in bed. We took turns preparing breakfasts for each other.
And each day when I came home, here he would be. He is one of the most dedicated dudes I know.
I ate so well when Job was home. Too much to be sure, but sooooo well.

You know, just talking a walk and randomly happening upon a grocery store, and accidentally buying some ice cream. (that was the whole purpose of our walk ;)

More to come. We fit in some fun activities while he was here that I'd like to share. It makes me happy to go through these photos. We're fine on our own, but we are pretty darn great together. (I can say that, it's my blog ;)

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