Monday, August 31, 2015

Job Quotes

I found a note on my i-pad with Job quotes that I wrote down. That guy has some adorable one-liners. I've got to remember to write this stuff down more often. Other people document their babies, I document mine ;)

1. Watching this video of Zooey Deshanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
 "Now that's a cute couple, we should get them together.
   I'm such a matchmaker lately."

2.  Telling me a code over the phone and giving me words to help me understand the letters:

"It's-Mama Castle Pedo Castle Salazar"

(Probably only funny to those who speak Spanish)

3. I have this as "Job quote?" in my note, so I cannot 100% confirm I heard this from him. But I'm pretty sure it was ;)
"Deal or No deal...No wait, that is Shakespeare."

4. Looking over at me sweetly on a walk through the neighborhood:
"I love your hair today, it matches the fence."

And I love you Jobito. You're the tops.

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