Saturday, September 26, 2015

Red Sox Games 2015

I enjoyed a few great games this season, with amazing seats for both. Quality over quantity. We won both games too, so that was exciting. One I went with my adopted family the McQuiveys, and one with a great friend from work, Nimisha. I became a total bandwagon fan of the Red Sox when we moved here, but I have a feeling this fandom will carry on with me.
 Red Sox v. Yankees. EMC seats behind home plate. Amazing view, and I think everyone should have a waiter during sports games ;)

 I love a hot dog at a baseball game too, but a vegetable and ricotta calzone is never a bad choice.

 The other game with Nimisha we had box seats so close to the field, it was awesome! I had the best time just chatting while we watched. We both were a bit shocked when the game suddenly ended and we realized we won haha. I guess we weren't eyes glued to the field the whole time ;) It was a gorgeous afternoon to be at the park.
 'Cause ya gotta selfie your game day outfit ;)

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