Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some more of September

Job continued to be adorable, and sent me awesome selfies from his childhood home.
 Wonderful friends in town! Love you Warren people :)
Volunteering at a homeless shelter. We love doing this, and the people we meet there.
A walking tour of some gardens of Somerville (self guided and self made ;)


Got to take care of kitty Cosmo (for about 10 minutes. That's all that people trust me to do ;)
Gourmet night theme was roots:
More friends in town! Both for big, important tests, so after they finished we went out for delicious Shake Shack. I sympathy ate a big meal for them ;)
Care package from mama and the fam. Just so sweet and wonderful. And cocoa tea from Peru is delicious.

I have a new running buddy in Michelle, and we run by places that look like the Fresh Prince house ;)
The super blood moon and eclipse. I stayed up way too late watching it. It was amazing!

 Not pictured are dinners with friends, attempted museum trips (that's another story ;), some of my "alone" activities described here, etc, etc. Basically, it was a good month. Also, I miss Job. I feel like I need to say that often, because it's so very true. Sorrynotsorry if you're tired of hearing it ;)

Over and out September.

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  1. So glad I was reading your old posts because I found the picture of you guys at the homeless shelter and Kirra was in it. She loved that activity and you for the brief time you were still in YW's after we moved here!